Andrew Bruce

With over 30 years of experience, Mr Bruce helped pioneer the growth of the Australian and Asian technology and asset finance sectors. An early innovator in the market, Mr Bruce has a wealth of knowledge within telecommunications, cards, and asset-backed consumer and small business finance. In Hong Kong, Mr Bruce worked at the forefront of the dot-com era, backing one of the early independent VOIP, bandwidth and data suppliers, as well as a technology backbone company involved in settling data exchange services. He was also a founding member of the HK- China Telecoms association. Mr Bruce has acted as an advisor on IPOs, asset-backed financings, and Debt Capital Markets issues in China, Australia, London, the UAE, & Singapore. He has led investment and advisory transactions in e-commerce, edtech, consumer finance, and telecom infrastructure, alongside a multitude of other major projects across the resources, green energy, real estate, and mortgage sectors.