Our Strategy

Equipped to identify, invest and help build successful Internet Ventures through comprehensive capabilities.

Digital Incubator Division

Fatfish’s subsidiary Fatfish Medialab in Singapore operates an accelerator specialising in mobile, e-commerce and fintech areas. Fatfish Mediallab has been appointed as an official partner of the i.jam funding scheme of the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA). The I.jam funding programme allows a co-investment partnership between Fatfish and MDA that sees investment of up to SGD250,000 of seed funding into early stage startup in exchange for minority equity position.

Besides funding Fatfish Medialab actively provides support to startups in the various business operation areas such as product development, marketing, strategy and finance etc.

Venture Development Division

Fatfish’s Venture Capital division invests into more mature startup (typically pre Series A or Series A round) across Asia and Australia. In Malaysia Fatfish’s subsidiary Fatfish Ventures Sdn Bhd has been appointed as a co-investment partner of Cradle, an early stage technology funding agency under the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia. Fatfish regularly co-invests with other venture capital firms in the region and continuously seeks to foster close business relationship with its peers in the regional venture investment space.

Fatfish’s main proposition as a value-enhancing investor is its ability to assist the startups it invests in by making available to the startups its resources and network in the tech eco-system across the geographical markets it operates in, especially in the Southeast Asia region – one of the fastest growth markets in the world.

Fatfish currently operates 4 offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Melbourne. Each of the Fatfish offices is staffed with key personnel that are equipped to assist companies to roll out their business objectives in the in-country market.

Business Strategy

Equipped to identify, invest and help build successful Internet ventures through comprehensive capabilities.

Smart Investing

Investing in potential tech companies early at ground level.

Deal-flow Access

Strong network and partnership Accelerators, VCs in the region.

Brand Value

Visibility of branding in startup eco-systems throughout ASEAN and Asia.

Capital Market Access

Experienced in executing IPOs across Bursa Malaysia, ASX, SGX, HKSE, IDX.

Regional Reach

Offices with local personnel in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Australia.

M&A Execution

Experienced entrepreneurial team to help and advise companies.

Drop us a message with a 2-3 pager executive summary or latest pitch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Fatfish Corporate Advisory

Fatfish Corporate Advisory offers strategic advice to tech companies for IPO and M&A activities
Having been actively involved in the venture investment space within the technology sector we recognize that one of the key challenges for both companies and investors is liquidity. This is even more apparent for companies operating outside of the major technology startup hubs.

In order to help these companies improve their access to capital, Fatfish Corporate Advisory is set up as a boutique corporate advisory service specializing in partnering with technology companies to access alternative funding through IPOs and other capital markets transactions.

Fatfish Corporate Advisory works closely with a network of partner investment banks and professional firms to help technology companies chart out and execute an early capital market listing or transaction that will meet the needs of the companies and their stakeholders on capital markets suitable for the risk and growth profile of tech companies.

The Fatfish Corporate Advisory team is made up of capital markets veterans with diverse international experience across Europe and Asia Pacific. Coupled with our extensive experience in venture investment within the technology space the Fatfish Corporate Advisory team is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of fast-growing technology companies.

Fatfish Corporate Advisory advises in the following capacity:

Growth Strategy Planning

Work closely with the management of company to identify potential options for accessing liquidity, including through IPO, debt issuance or other investment options that meet the needs of growing companies.


Pre-IPO Planning

Assist the company in coming up with an IPO timeline and roadmap in a market that fits the requirements and strategy of the company.

IPO Engagement and Execution

Assist the company to identify the correct corporate structure for IPO and act as the project manager working with the investment bank, brokers, accountants and other professional firms involved in IPO process.

Pre-IPO and IPO Funding

Assist the company to identify, structure and source funding required to complete the transaction.


Post-IPO Acquisition

Assist the company to identify and execute a growth plan which maximizes the utilization of IPO proceeds through the acceleration of internal growth activities and/or the acquisition of strategic assets.

Email to discuss opportunities that may be available through the capital markets to assist you in maximizing your growth opportunities!