Consumer Internet Ventures

Our Consumer Internet Ventures portfolio is held by our subsidiary Abelco Investment Group AB, a Sweden incorporated public company listed on the NGM SME.

Abelco Investment Group AB is Stockholm headquartered and is actively investing and building exciting internet ventures across Europe and Asia.

Cryptocurrency  & Blockchain Ventures

Distributed Ledger Technology or famously known as the Blockchain is the new upcoming technological trend that is already disrupting the major industries in the world, it’s use range widely from supply chain to banking application but the most famous use is in the use of Cryptocurrency, with a total of US$ 10.9 Trillion trading per annum.

One of the major crypto mining startup in the region, it mines cryptocurrency, provide managed and hosting services of mining servers and lease out the processing capacity to investors.
Kryptos-X is founded by Mr. Tony Mackay, founding chairman and CEO of Chi-X Global, operating from Singapore, it aims to be one of the largest cryptoasset exchange in the world.